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Play 2 Full screen 2: All You Need To Know 2 is a popular 2D shooter with a top-down perspective. It’s a perfect adventure that has interesting mechanics and nice visuals. But most importantly, it’s lightweight and can use a low-end machine to run. It makes it available to a broader range of audiences. No wonder it’s always crowded with opponents to crash!

General Info 2 potato palaceThe developer of this hooking shooter is Matthew Matakovic. Released back in 2018, the title doesn’t have problems attracting users to its servers. The mechanics are standard to a toy of this genre. You join a vast lobby with other players. At first, you don’t have guns to fire with. Wander around, loot boxes and materials, and keep your eyes open. Enemies won’t hesitate to take you down!

The pickaxe allows you to mine vital resources, such as wood, stone, and metal. They are meant for building fortifications or temporary shields.

The maps are thought-through and have lots of interesting elements. For example, you can find a parking lot and drive a car. A football field has goalposts and a ball: you can interact with it. Of course, there are buildings, too. Go inside to grab the loot and hide from enemies.

Enter a solo, duo, or squad game mode. If you don’t want to play with strangers, create your own room. Invite your pals and compete with each other in bullet-powered mayhem. 2 play

How To Be Successful in 2

If you want to be the best, practice more. Watch the tactics of stronger users, never freeze and learn to be faster. These are standard tips that will help you in any game. However, there are other things to do to boost your progress:

1. Get used to the controls

Enter the settings and study what button performs this or that action. WASD is responsible for movement, mouse for shooting, E for interacting with items, etc. If they are not convenient for you, change them to any layout you like.

2. Be careful with the Storm

It’s a deadly area that gradually narrows down and forces players to the middle. Sometimes, you might want to dive into it. To get away from an enemy or grab a rare weapon, whatever. Just make sure you have enough HP to survive it.

3. Turn on a fullscreen function

You’ll see the map better and spot opponents faster. It’s a more pleasing experience.

4. Collect resources

Wood, stone, and metal can be used to construct fortifications. Besides, you can quickly erect a wall to dodge bullets. Wood takes milliseconds to build, others need a bit longer but are also effective.

Summing Up 2 is a cool adventure to enjoy alone or with friends. Give it a try to become a devoted fan. Join a big community of like-minded people and have fun in this digital world.


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